How We Rate Crypto Casino Sites

Our team of expert gamblers has years of experience in the industry. They’ve tried all fiat money sites and the newest crypto casinos. That kind of experience is invaluable when ranking and reviewing crypto gaming sites. While it seems easy to just rank them all, experienced gamblers know that no two casinos are equal.
To be honest, the industry is pretty crowded these days, and not all crypto gambling sites are great. That’s where we come in. Thanks to our list of top crypto gambling sites, you will get nothing but the best of the best.
Our strict evaluation method covers various factors that will give you a clear idea of what to expect from a crypto gambling site. We check the license, safety and security measures implemented, the registration process, games, payment methods, and customer support among other things. No stone is unturned by our experts because we want our readers to get the clearest picture.

Our Evaluation Method:

 Review the registration process and the bonus requirements
 Review of layout, design and overall user experience
 We test all the games across all devices
 In the end, we conclude if the casino can truly be called   Provably Fair
 We test the response time of the customer support, putting all   the channels to the test
 We evaluate the deposit process, times, and fees, as well as   withdrawal requests and how quickly the money is withdrawn.   We also check the cryptocurrencies accepted and their limits
If any crypto casino doesn’t pass our tests with flying colors, it won’t appear on our list. You can read our casino reviews by clicking on the link below.

New Crypto Casinos (September 2021)

New crypto casinos are constantly popping up on the market. Not all of them are great, but the ones we have on our pages definitely are. The great thing about fresh crypto casino sites is that they often come with plenty of new features and tech. Joining one means following new trends and as a player, you surely want to keep in touch with everything new coming out.
5 Bitcoins
200 Free Spins
 Broad crypto support
 BTC specific games
 Reload bonus
5 Bitcoins
500 Freespins
 Tremendous bonus
 Trusted crypto casino
 2000+ casino games
1 Bitcoin
50 Freespins
 Broad range of cryptos
 Great UI and UX
 Live casino with crypto

Why try crypto casinos?

The pros of crypto gambling sites far outweigh the cons. Crypto casinos are like the new cool kid on the block. They bring many improvements to online gaming along with ultra-fast transactions every player will love.


• Low (or no) transaction fees.
• Blazing-fast speeds.
• Anonymous transactions.
• Provably Fair games.
• Safe and secure gambling.
• No deposit restrictions
• Specialized games for crypto


• Still new to the scene, and that can be a problem.
• The number of crypto casinos is still small.
• Highly volatile prices.
• Cryptocurrencies are still a legal grey area in many countries.
• If incorrect, transactions can’t be voided.

US Crypto Casinos – Accepting Players from USA

While the majority of crypto casinos are considered borderless, many of them won’t accept US players. These gambling sites are popular in countries where players prefer anonymity and decentralized payment options. This allows them to circumvent the rules and regulations, making crypto gambling sites a perfect choice for the US market. However, it would also put them in very murky waters from a legal point of view.

Sites such as Bitstarz casino block certain IP addresses in order to keep players from the USA or the UK to join. Their terms and conditions clearly state which countries are not allowed at the site. Unfortunately for Americans, many crypto casinos prevent them from joining. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t play at these casinos if you come from the USA.

If you’re willing to evade the rules, there is a way to join these sites. You can easily do that by not stating your location and not withdrawing to your bank account. Some of the bigger brands might check this, but you can still sign up at many casinos where background checks are rarely performed. Additionally, you can use a VPN program to ‘mask’ your true location and access the crypto casinos you want.

  • Download and install a VPN service. We can recommend SurfShark or NordVPN;
  • Set it to run from a location that is allowed at the crypto casino of your choice;
  • Register an account via the VPN;
  • Deposit with a cryptocurrency;
  • Play your favorite casino games and withdraw the winnings directly to your crypto wallet.

Of course, this will void your rights as a player and is a bit of a risky procedure. However, we feel the need to mention it since many players are using it to play at crypto gambling sites. It’s not like the police will come knocking on your door, so you can give it a try if you want to play your favorite casino games.

FAQ Crypto Gambling

Which crypto casino should I choose?

We can’t tell you which crypto casino you should choose – that’s up to you. What we can tell you is to pick a licensed and regulated casino with plenty of games. That’s possible by picking any from our list of recommendations – they’re all 100% legit.

Is it possible to play bitcoin casino from USA?

While most cryptocurrency casinos will ban US players, there is a way to jump over that obstacle. You can either use a VPN or register at a site without stating your location. We can’t condone that kind of behavior, but many US players have used it with no legal consequences.

Is it legal to gamble on crypto casinos?

As long as the casino is licensed, it is legal to gamble at these sites. Make sure to pick a fully legal crypto casino. If you don’t, you could lose all your coins.

Is it crypto gambling safe?

Yes, crypto gambling is 100% safe. That’s as long as you choose a safe casino. If you don’t want to spend hours looking for one, take a look at our list of recommendations.

Which crypto wallet is the best?

Once again, that decision is on you. There are plenty of options out there for both hot and cold wallets. Make sure to check out the pros and cons for each before making a choice.

What is a good bitcoin bonus?

A good crypto bonus will cover a significant portion of your deposit and come with a bag of free spins. Before claiming it, though, make sure to check out the terms. You will need to complete the wagering requirements before getting your winnings out.

What does provably fair crypto casinos mean?

The Provably Fair badge indicates that a casino site is fully legal. This algorithm verifies the fairness of the operator. You can check if a casino is Provably Fair by looking for the badge. It’s usually at the bottom of the website.

Are there any fees when depositing to play on crypto casinos?

No, crypto casinos have no fees on deposits. That’s one of the best things about playing with cryptos. They’re fee free and offer instant deposits.

What is the maximum amount when depositing on a crypto casino?

That depends on the cryptocurrency you’ve chosen to play with. At most crypto gambling sites, these limits go up to $10,000 or more. Check the limits for each cryptocurrency at the Cashier/Payments page.

What is the maximum amount when withdrawing on a crypto casino?

For security reasons, crypto casinos will limit the amount of coins you can withdraw per day. The limits are usually higher than fiat money casinos which usually place the bar at $5,000 per day. For crypto casinos, that amount can be double. Make sure to check the monthly withdrawal limit as well.