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Privacy Policy

Our goal at is to provide players with a reliable guide to online gambling using cryptocurrencies. We created this site using information collected by our team of gambling experts that have a passion for gambling and cryptocurrencies alike. Our aim is to inform our readers through unbiased reviews and direct them to our recommended sites so that they may select an online gambling platform this fits their Crypto casino requirements. On this page, you will find answers to any inquiries you might have about our privacy policy and user data collection.

§     Security and Protection

The safety and security of the visitors to our page are of the utmost importance us to. We are constantly adapting and improving our page to prevent any breaches or leaks of your personal data.

Your personal information and data will not be stored by us, other than an automatically generated ‘cookie’. 

§     What We Use Cookies for

As part of our goal to provide you with the best experience when visiting and interacting with our site, we collect a cookie from our users.

These cookies provide no personal information or identifying marker per user.

§     More on Personal Information

No information about your internet browsing outside of our page is collected. This is simply used to map your visit to our page, with some information about what links you’ve interacted with or what sections you browsed the most.

We collect this data to improve our page and provide you with the best browsing experience and user interface.

§     Outbound Links

We do not share, collect, or distribute any user information or data from browsing on our page. While our site enforces the terms stated above, the links found on this page will have their own privacy policies and regulations.

We are in no way responsible for any sites linked to our page. Be sure to check the terms found on any website you are visiting to be informed of how your data and information might be used.

This privacy policy only covers this page (

§     Comments and Improvement

As we are constantly striving to create the best browsing experience for our users, your feedback and questions are always appreciated. Should you have any inquiries regarding our privacy policy, feel free to contact us.


  • How does CrypoCasinos keep my data safe?

We at use SSL encryption to provide safe connections and ensure your data is encrypted and safe while browsing our page.

  • Is my data collected from CryptoCasinos?

Cookies are created and collected up visitation of Your personal information and browsing history are not acquired when creating these cookies.

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