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About Us


In the last 30 years two major digital revolutions have taken place, the Internet and cryptocurrency. Our vision is that the two will melt together in what is now called Web 3.0. We have therefore dedicated this site to the future of gambling online.

Background was launched early 2020 by us, a team of of digital nerds. Even though crypto and bitcoin were established 10 years earlier, we did not find the technology stack mature enough until 2020.


KYC, bank problems, closed down accounts the list of problems with casinos online is long. Crypto can help reduce these problems in a substantial way. Therefore we want to create the most informative site about crypto gambling on the Internet. The jury is still out if we have succeeded, but that only increases our motivation going further.

Fairness is built with objectivity and fairness in mind. We know, and perhaps you as well, that there are some casinos that don´t act fair to its customers. We have therefore personally tested and evaluated all sites that we recommend to make sure that you as a gambler don´t end up with trouble.

Who are we?

Dominic Francese - Founder & CEO

From big spender tables to high-risk Wall Street bets, Dominic is an expert on turning his chances into profits. With the recent emergence of crypto casinos, Dominic has found a way to combine his passion for finance with his love for all things gambling.
Dominic holds a MA in Journalism from Boston University and has submitted content for some of the leading online gambling portals and authoritative news outlets for the last 15 years. From what’s the hottest jackpot slot on the casino floor to when to play a winning hand a poker, Dominic is ready to give you the house edge you need to succeed in today’s competitive online gambling market.

Martin Whitehold - CCO

Martin is a self-proclaimed sports expert with over two decades of real betting experience. Whether placing bets at the pub with the lads or throwing down money on his favorite sportsbook apps, Martin understands the value of calculated risks and when to go in for that juicy live play.

When Martin isn’t writing about the hottest places for betting action, he can be found coaching his son Conner’s football team, training for his local marathon, and volunteering to give back to the community.

Joseph Perry - Content & Outreach

Joe is a fan of all things gaming, finding an early obsession when his parents bought him his first PS3 at the age of eight. He was immediately drawn to the competitive gaming scene, entering tournaments in CS:GO, League of Legends, and Fortnite before landing his first job as a live casino dealer. It was here that Joseph merged his appreciation of gaming with a love for slots and table games.

Today, Joseph contributes his years of casino knowledge and keeps a constant finger on the pulse of the competitive gaming industry to bring readers the best recommendations and tips for what games to play and what bets to make.

Jessica Smythe - Compliance Officer

Jessica is an expert in igaming compliance and legal practices, having attained multiple certificates from the igaming academy in addition to her pre-law degree from the University of Amsterdam. If you need help distinguishing between a black and grey area in international gambling laws, or you simply want to understand the terms and conditions of that sticky bonus more clearly, Jessica is the person to speak with.

Jessica is also an active environmentalist and spends a lot of her free time contributing to I’m Friends on Earth, Climate-KIC, and other grassroots organizations. She’s also the proud mom of a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Stier.

All online and offline games are 18+

Play calmly and responsibly. Make sure you stay in control of your gambling. Never try to chase losses. At the slightest hint of problem gambling or dependency contact the helpline.